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Tuesday 6 June 2017

Ethereum Chamber Wallet is a Scam, Do Not Use them.

MyEtherWallet has tweeted a warning to users not to use the Ethereum Chamber under allegations of stolen wallet keys.
The Ethereum Chamber is allegedly copying private wallet keys from users to its database and after been caught, they no longer provides wallet services, but instead displays the Juicy J “Blue Bentley” rap video.
The Ethereum Chamber paid to have press releases pushed through various news organizations advertising its Ethereum compatible wallet. However, sources tell ETHNews that after analyzing the code, they have determined the site where users can generate wallets is stealing the keys that safeguard wallets from unwanted malicious activity. Users who open wallets on the site may unwittingly be turning over their assets to scammers.
Users are warned to refrain from creating wallets on the purportedly fraudulent site or any website that isn't confirmed fully to be legitimate.

Taylor from MyEtherWallet told ETHNews:
“No one should trust a website with their private keys, ever. We have worked hard for almost two years to gain the trust of the community, and will continue to be an open-source and trustworthy site. However, we urge you to get a Ledger Nano S or TREZOR hardware wallet (both are now less than 0.5 ETH & compatible with ), or learn how to use MyEtherWallet in an offline environment ( …).
This ensures your private keys are never on an internet-connected device. As the price rises, more and more lazy scammers will attempt to take your funds. Phishers, untrustworthy sites, malware, remote access software — the list goes on and on. Please be cautious, aware, and take steps to secure your private keys.”
Source: ETHNews

Juan Cypher (Author & Editor)

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